Saturday, October 30, 2010

Albert Einstein

He is well know scientist he born in 14 march 1879 he was very much famous for his scientific activities in the world. he born in 14 March 1879(1879-03-14) ulm, kingdom of wurttemberg, german empire and he have the knowledge of physics and many more subjects. He got noble prize in physics in 1921 he was also a great philosopher and in second world war he also alerted president of Germany that the u.s is the only country who have the nuclear weapon and they can use it he was a great personalty and at his time he was from great ones no can beat him in physics theories he died in 18 April 1955 in 76 years age and till now if any one take the name of physics he come to mind.

Friday, October 29, 2010

muhammad bin mosa khawarezmi

He born in 780 in the city of khawarz, he was the menber of biggest department at that time named alhikmat. He was the biggest scientist of his period and he was had knowledge of chemistry, mathematics, physics and geography and also he was expert in these subjects. He got benefits from "unon" acts and he make a great ideology on math and left a great effect which cannot be explained.when he got knowledge about Arabia and Europe he known as founder of algebra and he wrote a many book on algebra but his first one is "algebra almukbla" .

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Al-beroni the great scientist

Al-beroni was not just a big scientist but he was a big tourist he visited many countries of the world. He was having knowledge about maths, doctorate, horoscope. He was alos having the knowledge that the speed of light is big than the sound. He also livid in india and learned "sanscrit" from Hindu priests in his 75 years life he written 150 books, Books was on different topics like geography, Doctorate, Math, Chemistry, Biology. The biggest theory of Al-beroni was that laws of physics which are present into our earth are also acted on other planets. and now a days these laws called galilean Invariance physics laws.